Starting A Website/Blog? Why You Shouldn’t Bother With a Free WordPress Theme


If you’re serious about your business (blog, website, digital marketing, what have you), I’m going to save you a lot of time.

So you started a blog — or you’re thinking of starting one — and you came across the plethora of themes to purchase or use for free.

Now, because you’re new, it may not be smart to purchase a theme right away; who knows if you’ll be doing this for long?

But then I thought about it and realized one thing: go big or go home.

When I started this blog, I was nervous and unsure of what I wanted to do; but I was excited. I was anxious to learn more, to get involved in this craft, and I wanted want the website to be in tip-top-shape.

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How to keep a great medical blog

Guest article by Dr. Alejandro Pérez Aguilar – Traumatologist in Monterrey.

Notwithstanding the size or claim to fame of a medicinal services work on, keeping a restorative blog is regularly to one’s greatest advantage. Maybe the greatest advantage of keeping a medicinal blog is that it will enable present and potential patients of your practice to increase important data about you and your practice.

Also, blog composing can help reinforce your nearness on the Internet. Web crawlers, for example, Google or Bing perceive unique and one of a kind substance, so blog composition can help set up your practice as an expert in the field.

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10 Sure-Fire Ways to Develop & Master The Art of Writing


I’m going to be straight up honest with you: Until . . . a year ago, I never opened a book, couldn’t write a 5-page essay for my life, didn’t even think about becoming a writer of any kind.

When I first began blogging, I always mention that it was like a journal to me — writing about random topics that I felt like discussing (although no one was responding).

Fast forward about eight months and I’m being featured on some of the most popular blogs in the world. And I’m actually being complimented saying that my writing is good (sometimes great).

I don’t mean to sound like I’m boasting, but clearly there are some things I did and learned along the way from a never-going-to-be-a-writer, to an actual writer who loves what he does.

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A Damn Fine Blog Post For a Damn Fine Words Writing Contest


Writing became an unforeseen passion in my life.

Last year I learned the power behind words and how they can reshape reality right before our eyes. Words are the foundation to anything, from compelling blog posts to the best businesses; it is words that create something out of nothing.

I dived into writing and starting a blog at a time where I couldn’t answer the question, “What do you want to do with your life?” I taught myself the fundamentals of blogging and writing, became an avid reader, and made more than a handful of mistakes. My focus for my blog changed many times, but recently I found a passion for writing insightful tips and stories on writing, blogging, and personal development.

Writing became my life. It has allowed me to meet other writers and bloggers, guest post on many popular blogs, as well as building my blog and helping people. I began writing an eBook that is coming out soon, and found great pleasure and enjoyment in the process.Continue reading →

10 Timeless Writing Tips From Great Writers


Honestly, who doesn’t love a good quote?

They are words that have been said hundreds, maybe even thousands of years ago, but they still live and breathe every time it is said or used in a piece.

They let us know, in short phrases and sentences, that we are not alone.

I have a strange habit and I’ll share it with you: I love reading pages and pages of quotes whether it’s writing, inspiration, motivation, or life . . . I love ‘em all.

They’re powerful, concise, moving, and they teach you a lesson.

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How to Use Blogs to Self-Educate & Help Master Your Craft


I was inspired to write this post after reading The Birth of Self-Guided Education (the only real option left), by Scott Dinsmore at Live Your Legend.

In his post, Scott challenges the idea of dropping out of school and using that time and effort to build your business or goals. He was a prestigious student placing at the top 5% of his class. He went to school for Business, Economics, Accounting, and Spanish; and when he went to start his investment fund, he had to teach himself everything all over.

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Get Rid Of Your New Year’s Resolution

Other new year resolutions

When I was younger the idea of a New Year’s resolution seemed like a clean slate, a brand new start, a promise that things might become better.

What a buncha crap. . . . You’re probably going to see multiple blog posts on How to Start Your New Year With a Blast! . . . or How To Stay On Top of Your Resolutions.

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions anymore than Tupac returning from the grave.

The correct word, as Jeff Goins states, is resolve.

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A Life Without Goals or Plans

New year resolutions

The beginning of a fresh year is a perfect opportunity to start new habits and get rid of old ones.

If you’re like me, you’re living this year — and the rest of your life — resolution-free. (If you’re also like me, you look at a new month of January as just another day.

No, but in all seriousness: What will you start this year?

The gym? Eating healthy? Starting a business you’re afraid to start? Cranking up sex with random neighbors? Skydiving? Boxing?

Whatever it may be, creating new habits instead of plans or goals was a daring, unpromising move, but also rewarding and liberating.

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I Know Why You Hate Facebook (And Why Twitter & Instagram Are Becoming Your New Favorites)

Instagram vs Facebook

Even with Facebook reaching 1 billion users, there are more than a handful of you out there that are beginning to really fucking hate Facebook.

In my therapist tone of voice: Let’s talk about that.

If you’re like me — the Gen Ys — you’ve been using Facebook ever since it was specifically targeted towards college students.

You probably used Myspace, realized you didn’t want to (or couldn’t) create a false image of yourself, and knew you weren’t going to become the next Internet sensation . . . so you went to Facebook. Something clean, simple, organized, and fresh.

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4 Books Every Writer Must Read

Writing books

I’m sure there are more than four, but I want to share with you four books that are brilliant, insightful, compelling, and a must-read for writers or creatives of all kinds. (If you have your own recommendation, please share with us in comments).

They blew my mind. Banana sandwich. Redonkulous. Life-changing.

I am focused.

I am smarter.

I’m ready.

The confidence that these four books have injected in me has been paramount.

Here they are. 4 books you should read over and over and over.

Stephen King, On Writing: His memoir on the craft, history as a writer, and his trials and tribulations. He shares his insights, tips, experiences — everything.

Anne Lamont, Bird by Bird: From shitty first drafts to publishing a book, Anne Lamot tells you her journey of being a writer and how you can improve. She shares Continue reading →