How the “The 50th Law” Motivated Me to Become Fearless

The 50th law

A book worth reviewing and sharing is a book that added knowledge and, methods that I can apply to my life (yours as well) to improve and control the outcome of success and change.

Robert Greene and rapper 50 Cent came together and wrote the book The 50th Law that you can buy in a lot of sites on the web.

What this book is about is being able to conquer the primitive emotion that controls our life: fear.

Greene uses prime examples of historical and present day figures, and explains how even the greatest of writers, architects, or war generals faced failures, roadblocks and constant tribulations.

50 Cent is not only a main topic of this book and his past life as a street hustler in the Southside queens: he is the epitome of turning negative into positive; seeking out opportunities even in the darkest times and using it to his advantage.

What this book will teach you:

  • Fear and how to overcome it. Fear is a primitive emotion and force that drives, and at times controls our thoughts, emotions and decisions. Fear is something we must overcome, face, and admit to. Most of the time we ignore fear, and that only makes situations worse in the long run.
  • We all have dreams of being successful, powerful and rich. Who wouldn’t? Robert Greene does a fantastic job of bringing out the history of historical and famous figures from writers, artists, generals, architects, and musicians. He shows their trials and tribulations, and explains that no one got to where they are without facing roadblocks, failures, opposing forces, and time.
  • I can most likely compare this book to Sun Tzu: The Art of War. Why? Greene talks about many emotions and situations that apply to every single one of us every day. Reading this is like a manuscript of life and how to conquer it little by little. It’s similar to hearing the best tips and advice being whispered over your shoulder. It turns confusion and mystery to methods and facts.
  • Reading this book will not only boost your confidence in pursuing your dreams and attaining goals: it will actually make you want to take the step forward to changing your ways. All the stories and metaphors used in the book boosted my motivation and helped me believe that change and success was possible. Most of all: it related to me.
  • How to control aggression, and when to be forceful and not seductive.
  • Learning to master your craft and to do what you love; not do what others expect you to do.
  • Learning when to move on and not be stuck in the past. Conquering your fear of change, of how others portray and look at you, and the outcomes of being able to successfully do so.
  • The book also teaches you on self-reliance. Being independent and not relying on others to do the work for you; doing it smart and strategic, not greedy and desperate.

Honestly reviews can tell you so much about a book, but until you pick it up and read it with an open mind, then you will never know.

It’s not lengthy (about 300 pages), written eloquently and convincingly, and every situation he presents can relate to you.


He brings out some of the basic principles and emotions that drive us as humans. Learning to control and face them are steps that many people fail to take. Applying what I learned from this book will change my life drastically, and for the better. Many of the methods he explains are some that we just forget, or don’t know. Applying this knowledge to your life can really shape the outcome of success in your life — and who wouldn’t want to know that?

You will also learn about rapper 50 Cent and the wild and shocking childhood he had to face alone. Reading about him makes my situation feel not-so-bad. Many of us can sit there and think that we have it the worst — until you read this book and read about 50 and other figures.

Give it a shot. You have my word that upon completing the book, you will walk away with valuable knowledge and methods to improve your life.

You can also listen a great interview with Robert Greene on Copyblogger.


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