4 Books Every Writer Must Read

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I’m sure there are more than four, but I want to share with you four books that are brilliant, insightful, compelling, and a must-read for writers or creatives of all kinds. (If you have your own recommendation, please share with us in comments).

They blew my mind. Banana sandwich. Redonkulous. Life-changing.

I am focused.

I am smarter.

I’m ready.

The confidence that these four books have injected in me has been paramount.

Here they are. 4 books you should read over and over and over.

Stephen King, On Writing: His memoir on the craft, history as a writer, and his trials and tribulations. He shares his insights, tips, experiences — everything.

Anne Lamont, Bird by Bird: From shitty first drafts to publishing a book, Anne Lamot tells you her journey of being a writer and how you can improve. She shares her methods, stories, experiences, the dark and the light. Fascinating style of writing, a very heart-felt story, and her methods to overcome challenges such as writer’s block and starting a book are simple and effective.

E.B White & William Strunk JR., Elements of Style: Short, concise, powerful — a must read for any writer. Teaches you all the fundamentals — from grammar, punctuation, paragraphs, omitting needless words. It will transform your writing ten fold. This is a type of book you read a few times a month.

Steven Pressfield, War of Art: I just finished reading this — took about two days, but definitely readable in one sitting. It’s just . . . I don’t even know. It was one of the most motivating, compelling, influential books I’ve ever read. Not just for writers, but an important lesson for mankind. This is a book that should be implemented in schools. It talks about the Resistance — the odorless, bodiless force that makes us doubt ourselves, hinders us from pursuing our art or calling, and laughs manically while doing it. I wish I found this book sooner, but after reading it, it literally changed my life. Talks about creativity, passion, fear — just read it dammit, you won’t regret it.

(I will update this post, or do a series of posts every few weeks on books that I felt were just absolutely inspiring and motivating).

Just wow.

That’s all I can say.

Four of the most powerful books — books that I wish I read when I first started writing. I wish some random, angelic hand came down and was like here, take these, read them, your brain will grow overnight.

Consider this a hand from the sky, showing you four books that will literally change your life as a writer.


If you have your own recommendations, a book that literally grabbed your heart and squeezed the shit out of it, please share with us.

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