A Damn Fine Blog Post For a Damn Fine Words Writing Contest


Writing became an unforeseen passion in my life.

Last year I learned the power behind words and how they can reshape reality right before our eyes. Words are the foundation to anything, from compelling blog posts to the best businesses; it is words that create something out of nothing.

I dived into writing and starting a blog at a time where I couldn’t answer the question, “What do you want to do with your life?” I taught myself the fundamentals of blogging and writing, became an avid reader, and made more than a handful of mistakes. My focus for my blog changed many times, but recently I found a passion for writing insightful tips and stories on writing, blogging, and personal development.

Writing became my life. It has allowed me to meet other writers and bloggers, guest post on many popular blogs, as well as building my blog and helping people. I began writing an eBook that is coming out soon, and found great pleasure and enjoyment in the process.

But I am no professional.

I’m just doing what I love, and honestly, the only thing I really know how to do.

Taking up Damn Fine Words writing course would be paramount for my writing and development.

It would give me opportunities to network with other writers, share stories and ideas, edit work and give/receive constructive criticism. I would exercise my craft everyday with a great teacher, students, and I would be part of a community that is training to become masters at their craft.

This course will refine my writing, and help me gain the confidence that I need.

Finding my writing voice is still a mission — my friend recently edited my work and said in many of the parts I sound too much like another author. This is something I had to get over and undo. This class would guide me in finding my writing voice, strengthen my writing, as well as ease the process of sitting down and bleeding at the keyboard.

Most of all: I want this for the experience. I want to meet other writers, I want to learn how to edit work, and I want to gain the immense knowledge that this course has to offer to the point where my brain pops.

This course is for me — it has my name written all over it. After 10 weeks I will walk out a super-mutant with an uncanny ability to tailor words so magically that it would make people shudder and get goosebumps up and down their spine.

I. Want. This. Course.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime — to actually take my writing to the next level.

This is Paul Jun, and I belong in the Damn Fine Words writing course.


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