I Know Why You Hate Facebook (And Why Twitter & Instagram Are Becoming Your New Favorites)

Instagram vs Facebook

Even with Facebook reaching 1 billion users, there are more than a handful of you out there that are beginning to really fucking hate Facebook.

In my therapist tone of voice: Let’s talk about that.

If you’re like me — the Gen Ys — you’ve been using Facebook ever since it was specifically targeted towards college students.

You probably used Myspace, realized you didn’t want to (or couldn’t) create a false image of yourself, and knew you weren’t going to become the next Internet sensation . . . so you went to Facebook. Something clean, simple, organized, and fresh.

Years go by, and parents start joining Facebook, your school teachers, pedophiles, underage children that shouldn’t even be allowed, and so on.

They change their look a few times — and you adamantly state that you hate it — but you still log on everyday . . . sometimes 50 times a day for no apparent reason.

Every time you log on you realize you’re clicking out much quicker than it takes to load the page.

You’re beginning to look at Twitter as your next drug, and if you have an iPhone, Instagram.

The truth is: You Hate Facebook

But why?

All your “friends” are on it. And you never miss a birthday. And you can also see how your high school friends are changing, what they’re up to, who they hang out with, and so on.

The problem isn’t Facebook . . . its your friends

For a long time I pondered the idea why my sudden loathing grew.

Was it the theme change? No, because I honestly could care less — didn’t bother me.

The Facebook within a Facebook in a Facebook, on the right side of the page? Nah.

Then one day I was sitting there, drinking my morning coffee, and realized . . . shit, it was the people I was friends with.

But why? What the hell were they doing that got me so mad? And why the hell did I even let it bother me?

We are information consumers

Even if you aren’t actively participating in social media, we are constantly reading and consuming all sorts of information when we are tuned in.

Twitter allows you to follow whoever you want — sports figures, celebrities, news stations, magazines, bloggers, artists, etc.

You choose what you want to see, so therefore whenever you go on Twitter, it’s for a purpose. It keeps you updated, interested, and possibly teaches you many things.

I know you can “Like” pages on Facebook, but the amount of times those pages update do not compare to how Twitter feels.

Facebook is the complete opposite

Facebook is dependent on who you’re friends with. If you have zero friends, your timeline will look empty. If your friends don’t provide value like Twitter does when following smart or funny people, then most of the time you’re hearing complaints and whines.

The fact that you have 400 . . . 5000 friends is allowing you to see a much personal — and most of the time —  negative side of people.

If you hate seeing it, it’s because you are over it. You aren’t the same person you were when you met these people. Hell, most of them aren’t even your real friends.

Here are some reasons why you probably hate Facebook:

  • People complain too much.
  • Too many people screaming for attention and approval.
  • Too many fugazis (If you have never seen Donnie Brasco, be a smart person and go watch it).
  • People share their whole life story, their issues and problems, and it continues every week. Then one week they’re happy, with their boyfriend/girlfriend, and then next week they’re depressed and sad and hate life.
  • The truth: You aren’t really friends with 90% of all your friends on Facebook. You probably friended them because you either saw them out, at a club, at a party, or met them somewhere through a group of friends. You also friended them because they were hot and you wanted to see what they looked like.
  • It serves no purpose. What do you honestly use Facebook for? To talk to your friends? Get a grip. If they were your real friends, you would talk to each other through texting or phone — not in the open public for the world to see.

I personally despise Facebook because of what I constantly see.

My timeline has become filled with negative, vain, narcissistic, unmotivated, selfish — and most of the time — stupid people.

Twitter is the escape

You control what you want to see on Twitter. You have that control with Facebook, but lets be honest: if you were to remove all the negativity and cry-babies, your Facebook page would be left with very little friends. Maybe that’s a good thing?

In Twitter, you have the option of crying and whining about your day as well. Shit, sometimes I’m guilty of it.

But it’s easy to unfollow people — literally one click.

Which is why I believe more people will transition to Twitter. Facebook will always have its use and purposes, but from my experience, and noticing the messages from others, people are getting sick of Facebook.

Besides, Facebook is very, very personal. That was the whole nature of it from the beginning. You can pick and choose your friends, opposed to Twitter where anyone can follow you, or if you set your privacy setting, they have to request you.

The only real reason why you probably have Facebook is to monitor people, to laugh at them, and to realize that you are not like them. I’m sorry . . . did I miss something? Am’I wrong? ;)


If you have an iPhone, then you know the most popular app right now is Instagram.

A quirky, unique and fun way of sharing photos on your phone.

You can find friends that are using this through social media, you can follow them, and like/comment their photos.

It’s like a Facebook and Twitter but with photos being the lifeblood of the whole platform.

I personally love it. They have awesome filters for photos, and it’s like viewing the world through other peoples’ pictures.

If you want to find the epitome of vain and narcissistic people, go on Instagram. (I always wonder where and how some people take pictures of themselves, because truthfully, I never caught anyone in public taking a picture of themselves through the mirror of some wall in a shopping mall — I’d probably piss my pants laughing).

All in all

I hate Facebook. No wait, let me correct that: I hate the people I’m friended with on Facebook.

I don’t have anything against the platform, but unfortunately, many of us are in this boat.

But honestly, this is a good thing for all of us.

Now we know that we aren’t like the people we, somehow, became friends with. We aren’t negative, we don’t complain about our life or girlfriend/boyfriend, we don’t put our lives out there for the world to see and judge us, and we have learned that venting on social media is flat-out pathetic and a cry for attention.

I’m fine with that.

I’ll stick to Twitter and Instagram.

Why do you hate Facebook? Or do you? Do you see the things that I previously stated, or is your experience completely different?

Share with us.

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