About Helen

If you enjoy discussing and sharing insightful stories and ideas about:

  • The art of writing, and ways to develop and improve
  • Blogging
  • Self-improvement, finding balance in life, motivation, goals, and living your passion

Then this blog is for you.

Welcome to Junhax.com
My name is Helen Williams, and I started this blog at a time where I was most desperate and on a quest to find my passion and purpose in life. Out of an act of desperation, I found passion in writing; and as I was leaving a negative lifestyle behind me, I learned many lessons on the way.
I learned about sacrifice, doing what you love, fear & failure, learning how to breathe and live in the moment, as well as self-educating myself to do what I loved and found interesting. I’m still on this quest, but that is why I have this blog: to share my story with you, to help those that were once in my situation, and to hear your stories as well.
Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy and stick around. There is much to read, learn, and share on the Junhax. I hope I get to know you, and I hope my posts help you on your journey.